Are you a shoe hoarder? | Pointe-Claire Desjardins Half Marathon

Are you a shoe hoarder?

With the weather getting warmer and with spring cleaning started around the house, it is time to think about sorting out our running shoes. But wait, who would have thought shoes would be so hard to find? Didn’t we put them in proper storage bins with labels? That would be too easy, right? Now do not get me wrong, some of us are organized with our shoes, properly labeling them, and neatly putting them away, however, some of us live in family chaos. If you have a large family, it can get overwhelming that sometimes you realize you could supply an entire football team with all the running shoes lying around. Not to mention the countless times you are tripped up by shoes when trying to leave the house in the morning!

Now whether you are a neat freak or dealing with day-to-day family chaos, there is still a common theme with all of us, an overabundance of running shoes. We know it is hard to part ways with our running shoes because typically there is a lot of history tied them, especially all those miles of training! Plus let us not forget about the running shoes that are still sitting in the original boxes they came in! The good news is, we are here to offer some suggestions to help you get your training off on the right foot and declutter those closets and hallways!

  • Donate
  • With a simple internet search, you can easily find an organization near you where you can donate your running shoes. This helps to give a second life to your running shoes and helps those in need.

  • Repurpose
  • Old worn-out shoes might not do it anymore for training or races, but they might be perfect for gardening or home renovations! Try to see how you can find another use to expend the life of your shoes and reduce your environmental impact!

  • Alternate
  • It is interesting to note that you could potentially reduce running injuries by alternating your shoes during your training routine. Plus, it allows your shoes that have been collecting dust some much needed air!

  • Disposal
  • This, of course, is the last-ditch effort, however, try to dispose of your running shoes in the recycle bin rather than the trash. There are companies, including the shoe manufactures that want to reduce their environmental impact and reduce waste, so make sure to do your homework before throwing them out.