| Pointe-Claire Desjardins Half Marathon

With the weather getting warmer and with spring cleaning started around the house, it is time to think about sorting out our running shoes. But wait, who would have thought shoes would be so hard to find? Didn’t we put them in proper storage bins with labels? That would be too easy, right?

The organizing team of the Pointe-Claire Desjardins Half-Marathon is looking forward to opening its 2021 registrations in order to plan an unforgettable 2021 edition.

The following message contains two sections. Please take the time to read them carefully:

1. Cancellation of our 2020 edition
2. Transfer of your registration to the 2021 edition

Dear runners,

Lachine: the 2020 edition is postponed to October 11, 2020.

Pointe-Claire: the 2020 edition is cancelled

Your registrations to the Pointe-Claire Half-Marathon are automatically transferred to the Lachine Half-Marathon.

As a preventive measure and to ensure the health and safety of all, the Pointe-Claire Desjardins Half Marathon is postponed to Sunday, October 11th, 2020. The race schedule remains the same. Your registration is automatically transferred.

Runners! Less than 48h before the price increase. 
Up to 35% off our 3 main distances: 21.1k, 10k, 5k.

See you at the starting line on Sunday, June 14th, 2020


 Price increase on March 2nd at midnight.
- 35% off on one of our 3 main distances: 21.1k, 10k, 5k.

Thank you to all the runners who have participated in the fundraising in support of the Alzheimer Society.
Below are the names of the runners who have collected more than 500$ and to whom we have refunded their registration fee.
We hope that there will be more of you next year!

You can still pick up your race t-shirt at the race site (Edgewater Park Pointe-Claire) on: 

Saturday July 6th: 9:00 am to noon